Waimea bay Oahu Hawaii

Aloha Friday!

Good weather, nice sun, and Good boy Waimea the my one year old rottweiler.

Waimea bay is very famous surfing break in Oahu.  Check the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational in Memory of Eddie Aikau. but in summer nice and calm clear water like today.

waimea bay
waimea bay with my waimea
Back side of waimea bay
Back side of waimea bay

This picture is at back side of Waimea bay, that valley is Waimea Valley. If you are tourist this place should put your to do list in Hawaii.

Waimea Valley is an area of historic cultural significance on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The valley, being an important place in Hawaiian religion, includes several historical structures including stone terraces and walls constructed during the time of the Hawaiian monarchy. Waimea Valley is a historical nature park including botanical gardens and fall.

You can swim in waimea fall but mmmmmmm you can swim in the Ocean that much better i guess. There is also creek in Waimea bay from Waimea Valley. Lots of tourist let their kids play in the creek, DO NOT DO this Please! Specially winter time, you guys visit here and there are NOT swimtable water I understand you want let your kids play in water. BUT DO NOT let them go in the creek/pond in Waimea bay. There is bad bacteria, its really bad one.

One time I let my dog swam in there then one of the lifeguard make sure if I know anything about this pond. Even dog! they are worried about it? wow my dog is fine he is swimming in that creek for last 8 months. It is a dog. But I will never let my kids (if i have) touch that water AT ALL.

Anyway yeah it is ALOHA FRIDAY enjoy your week end!

Akima the mermaid in North Shore Hawaii

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© Akima Kai


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