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Waimea at Waimea bay
Waimea at Waimea bay

These of you who loves Rottie! This is my boy Waimea at Waimea bay North Shore Oahu Hawaii. It was his one year birth day.

Waimea the rottweiler
Waimea the rottweiler

He is my first dog but i think i am  training him very good, he is very smart and good boy. i am proud of him!

Waimea the rottie
Waimea the rottie

But actually i am still thinking. I should not BUY the pets. There are 100,000? 1,000,000? dogs, cats are killed because of us. Paying for the animal is NOT right thing to do I believe.

Before I purchased him I was looking for adapt dog than something not good happen when I was home by my self. After that happen I start thinking I need serious guard dog at this house but i was still against “buy” the dog. My husband said to me, you are not paying for a dog, you are paying for the security. I was crying actually thinking to “buy” breed that can be good guard dog. That time I was looking at CL, I saw this puppy right time. I contacted to the breeder, I just tell my self only see the puppy but yea of course I took him home that day. He was cutie pie.

Waimea 7 weeks
Waimea 7 weeks

But still now I am feel guilty to have pure breed. Don’t get me wrong. I am very happy to have him and he is doing very well. I am not dog lover but I love him. I do.

Please consider adapt the dog/cat before you purchase.

Please ask your self, Are you really able to take care of them more than 15 years? They are not your toy. They have feeling, life, love NOT different as human. Please ask your self and your family will you really love them forever.

Please watch this video.


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