Acupuncture in Hawaii

I wanted try acupuncture for long time but I’v never done.

I had injury in 2013 on my left ankle while I am working on the boat then I had a surgery in JAN 2014. yes it was 2014. Unfortunately surgery didn’t work or gets worse actually. I don’t remember this pain had before the surgery.

I knew if you CUT (have surgery) your body will NOT recover 100%. Dr also agree with my theory.

I went to three Doctors about this matter but none of them didn’t figure out what is the cause of pain and tightness or problem. “Last Doctor actually asked me why don’t you try an acupuncture? I don’t quit sure but worth to try.”

So yea, it’s time to try! I found good deal on Groupon but I need to go to Honolulu from North Shore Oahu. That is about 40 miles. mmmmmmmmm oh well, let’s try. It is good excuse to see my friends in Honolulu too.

Anyway, i saw Dr David Ci (I cannot pronounce Ci it’s Chinese accent!) It was great experience! Very interesting.

yin and yang

According to him, Yin and Yang need to be a balance but my yang is too weak. One of the reason of my strong seasickness is because I am lack of energy (weak Yang)

Does it mean are you able to fix my seasick!!!!! If i don’t get cold or seasick, my life will be PERFECT! like really!!

Now he is working on my left ankle. I may be going to see him after groupon deal for seasickness. It is cost me A LOT but I think THIS is worth to try!

I tried hypnotherapy (did NOT work at all.) I tried wristband (did NOT work at all) Dramamine only works for me so far but I don’t want to take chemical every time (almost everyday) go to the Ocean, snorkeling/free diving. Oh yea I get seasick when I go snorkeling. It is very tough remember I am underwater photographer I get seasick really bad.

Imagine you go to work everyday with heavy hungover, can you handle it?! It is terrible. It is horrible, woeful but can’t quit!!

I am hoping he can help me for this!

I don’t have any picture for today so I just put dolphin picture from Bahamas

spotted dolphins bahamas
spotted dolphins bahamas

Would you like to swimming with dolphin in Blue water in Bahamas or Hawaii?

check my site out! akima’s quality wildlife and marine life encounter, world photo guided tour.

Akima the Mermaid in Hawaii


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