Snorkeling tour Oahu Hawaii

Oahu snorkeling tour
Oahu snorkeling tour

This is one of the my favorite fish Taape in Hawaiian it’s blueline snapper.
They are scuba diver’s favorite fish too. They usually 100-200 school like this picture. Big eyes and cute face.
At Hanauma bay blueline snapper is swimming itself. I assume they feel so safe at Hanauma bay that’s why they don’t have to have school. Also eel at Hanauma bay, they are sometimes “swimming” I mean, i have been diving in more than 15 years I haven’t seen swimming eel that much in other area. Usually the eel stays hide in the small space, sticking his only head out, looking for food or just hanging out there. Again this is also they feel so safe in Hanauma bay??

Anyway I was told by local people here in Hawaii blueline snapper can be good for sashimi. I was like REALLY? They are too cute to eat! but I want to try one day.

Blueline snapper is not indigenous fish in Hawaii. They are intentionally introduced to Hawaii from French Polynesia about 40 years ago. It has adapted quickly and successfully in Hawaii

There is also you can probably see ENDEMIC HAWAIIAN FISHES such as Hawaiian Mamo-hawaiian sergeant fish, lau wiliwili-Lemon Butterflyfish, ‘āwela-Hawaiian Xmas wrasse, kīkākapu-Bluelined Butterflyfish.

Come join our Guided snorkeling tour-discover west Oahu We will take you amazing underwater world in Hawaii.

Don’t forget you may snorkeling with sea turtles too!


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