Hawaii snorkeling Hanauma bay

Hawaii Hanauma bay

I used to working as a snorkeling instructor at Hanauma bay. It is most popular snorkeling site in Oahu Hawaii. It’s about 3000 people visit a day depends on seasons. Hanauma bay is great snorkeling site for all beginner even who is with kids or first time snorkeler. Usually very calm and shallow water sometimes you can see Honu the sea green sea turtles.

Some of the website says Hanauma bay is “most dangerous snorkeling site in Oahu” I was like WHAT? no way, Hanauma bay is most safest beach you go snorkel. I tell you why they said most dangerous beach in Hawaii. Actually percentage of people drawning is very high rate at Hanauma bay. Let me explain that. As I said 3000 people visit a day maybe more in summer that is lots of people. Some of them are elder people. I heard high percentage of who drowned were hurt attach not really “drowned” so very unfair to say Hanauma bay is “most dangerous snorkeling site in Hawaii”

Whatever you go in water, you need buddy. Please do not go in water by yourself. If your grandma gets hurt attach in water if there is somebody with her she might be saved. If your love one get trouble in water you can call for help.
Actually drowning people are very quiet. They don’t look like drowning. They cannot call for help at all. Please please be there for your love one.

Join snorkeling tour with Hawaii Real Nature . All our guides are all water specialist with CPR, AED and First Aid Certification. Snorkel instruction and life guard in water with you. Safety is our #1 priority.


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