Hawaiian green sea turtle

snorkel with turtle
snorkel with turtle


Fact about Hawaiian green sea turtle. Binomial name Chelonia mydas
One of Earth’s oldest animals.

Are they green?
mmmmm not really “green” but green color of the fat found beneath its shell!

Lifespan is about 80 years.
Green turtles are among the largest sea turtles in the world. Weighing up to 700 pounds (317.5 kilograms) and up to 5 feet (1.5m).

Adult green sea turtle is only one sea turtle mainly eat sea grasses and algae while juveniles have a more carnivorous diet. They are only doing two things in their life. Guess what?
Eating and sleeping. Who want to be a green sea turtle now? Green sea turtle is mainly eat vegetable there is not much nutrition in it this is reason why they have to eat all the time.

Green sea turtle is lung breathing creature. They spend all most all life in water but they must breath air, They can be in water about 2 hours depends on what they are doing. When they are only sleeping they can be in water more than 2 hours.

Green sea turtle lays 100 to 200 eggs but you know how many of them can be adult… it is not even 1 % of them.

Well, is Hawaiian green sea turtle really “green sea turtle?
Some experts actually says Hawaiian green sea turtle is “Pacific BLACK sea turtle”. If you like to find out about more Pacific black sea turtle click here

Honu-Green Sea turtle in Hawaii
Honu is a symbol of Wisdom and Good Luck in Hawaii.

Snorkeling with green sea turtle in Hawaii with Discover West Oahu Tour.
Discover west Oahu tour is not only snorkeling adventure, we take you Hawaiian historic sites and sacred places.
This must things to do in Honolulu!


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