Looking for tours in Hawaii?

Oahu tours, Makaha beach
White sand beaches in Hawaii

West Oahu tour and snorkeling. We do also private tour in Oahu Hawaii. Explore Oahu Hidden coast with Hawaii Real Nature tour.

You don’t want to go with 50 other tourists, you should speak more personally with the tour guide so you can get special information from local tour guide.
Our Discover west Oahu tour is maximum people of 10. All our guests become Ohana (family) the day. Ask any questions of Hawaii your tour guide try answer your questions. (please for give us if we will not be able to answer your questions 🙂

Small group tours are always better then travel with large number of people. More personal, more care and more time! Also we have two instructors for 10 people snorkeling tour. Safety is our #1 priority. This way you will be more comfortable to enjoy West Oahu snorkeling tour.

While we are heading to west Oahu Waianae coast you will see beautiful Waianae mountain range which is oldest and highest mountain range Oahu and highest mountain in Oahu Mauna Kaala (mauna means mountain in Hawaiian), Electric beach (Kahe point), very rare Hawwaiian settlement (1500 AD) on the shore, historic Makaha valley, surfing legend Makaha beach, 150,000 years old cave, Hawaiian sacred Valley, Last beach at west coast, maintain taht sacred to Kane (Hawaiian highest god) very calm beach pokai bay and heiau the Hawaiian temple and snorkeling at Kahe point or Pokai bay.

See Oahu hidden coast! The circle island tours doesn’t take you there! Come join us to have new experience of Hawaii!

Find out more about West Oahu Tour please visit our website and our TripAdvisor reviews


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