Makua cave Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii West Oahu Tour
Makua cave Oahu Hawaii

Anyone likes spooky story?

The cave we visit during our Hidden West Oahu tour is more than 150,000 years old once in the water. Kaneana Cave or Makua Cave is one of Hawaii’s ancient sacred sites.

Hawaiian believes this cave is womb of the Earth and  has been the site of magic, ritual and religious ceremonies. The area around the cave has been considered sacred and kapu (taboo) by local communities in recent times. This cave is also Pele’s home.

There is a spooky legend with shark man Nanaue goes with this cave.

I get always goose bumps when I go to inside of this cave. We actually found “menehune” foot print in the cave few times. Menehune is people who was/is living in Hawaii way before Polynesian start to live in Hawaii.

Anyway our tour yesterday, three of us including me, eye witnessed this happen in this Hawaiian sacred cave.

There is big rock inside a kaneana cave. There is sometimes ti leafs, cup of water etc on this rock. (The Ti leaf is very sacred to Hawaii.) Three of us looked at that, there is some kind of leafs on there but not ti leafs then one guest and I went to left side of the cave, another guest went to on right side of the cave followed her boy friend. few minutes later we came back to that big rock, I looked at the rock, there is 3 small rocks on it. (see picture below) I thought I didn’t notice these rocks when I looked at first time then the guest who was with me she said “oh my god what are they, they weren’t NOT here before were they??” I was like what?? yea I didn’t see them either. I asked another guest who went to on right side. She also agree she didn’t see these three rocks before.

Hawaii Sacred cave tour
Hawaii Sacred cave tour

Wow, really??

I knew some kind of spirits are there, maybe Manehune?? What they want to tell us? I do believe they don’t tell us bad things just because. We respect, share water to aina before entering the cave, always pick up trash, do not move anything.

Are you interested this kind of experience and  legend goes to Hawaii’s ancient sacred sites? Come join us Hawaii Real Nature Tour.

Don’t forget we take you to snorkeling too.

This is feed back one of the our guest yesterday.

Thank you! had such a fab day! you two are the best! and i’ve discovered my new obsession: snorkeling! thank you for teaching me the ropes! by Ava from NY


More pictures, please visit Hawaii Real Nature Tour FaceBook page.


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