Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii
Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Who is dreaming to swim with wild dolphin? Who is dreaming to come to Hawaii?

Blue Hawaiian Water is waiting for you.

When I have time I jump in water, expecting to see something special then I usually do. Hawaiian spinner dolphins, Honu the Hawaiian green sea turtles, Octopus, all kind of rays and tropical fish.

Snorkeling in Hawaii is once in your life time, must things to do in Hawaii. Usually water is calm and warm. Very good chance to see Hawaiian green sea turtles! Hawaii is one of the lucky place you can see the sea turtle with snorkeling.

Hawaii Real Nature offers two choice to enjoy the way in Hawaii snorkeling.

One is Hidden West Oahu Tour and Snorkeling, we go historic site, nature views, beautiful isolated white sand beaches and enjoy snorkeling end of the tour with two professional guides and photographers.

Another offer is the 100% custom private tour which is made by you. Simply you tell us briefly what you would like to do/see, we will make it happen as much as we can.

Snorkeling, surfing lesson, skin diving lesson, beach popping specially it is coming winter, Hawaii is surfer’s mecca. There is amazing wave in North Shore Oahu. Even you are not surfer you will enjoy how powerful wave is in North Shore Hawaii. The sounds of wave is really impressive.

Contact us, we will make your perfect Aloha Day!

Please see wonderful review on our TripAdvisor

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