Octopus, eel and of course Sea turtle

Oahu Snorkeling Tour
Oahu Snorkeling Tour

Hawaii Real Nature, Hidden West Oahu Tour and Snorkeling.

Unlikely west coast of Oahu Hawaii it has been wet. Look at how green there is! This is greener than in winter time, it is very rare this much colorful green mountain you can see at west Oahu. It is so beautiful.

Mountain is so green, Ocean is so blue, beach and cloud are so white what else you need? Enjoy isolates beaches on west Oahu.

It was good visibility too at snorkeling. We got an Octopus (of course I released it) saw eels, lots of tropical fish, school of goat fish and unicone fish. Hawaiian state fish (Fumufumunukunukuapuaa)  and of course Honu the Hawaiian green sea turtle. I can say 90% of time we found them while we are snorkeling at west Oahu tour.

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This is highly recommend at TripAdvisor.  Hawaii Real Nature, Hidden West Oahu and Snorkeling Tour- click here to see the testimonials. (at a bottom of the page.)


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