Diamond head Waikiki Hawaii

Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii
Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii

Nice weather, nice view. This is view Tantalus lookout, puu ualakaa state park.

You can see Diamond head to Honolulu air port, wonderful panorama view from here. This is very popular for city night view point but not many tour on day time come here.

If you ever come here by your self, do not leave any valuable stuff in the car. This is kind of common anywhere in the world but probably people just forget when you are on vacation in the paradise.

Hawaii doesn’t have big crime, I think crime rate is not as much as high in Mainland but small crime yes we have a lots.

We came parking at Puu Ualakaa park, as soon as we park the car we realized brand new car (it was rent a car) next to us has broken window. We walked to the lookout I asked people “is anyone driving a black Nissan XXXXX”? The couple just from of us, he was like yes? I said I am sorry but your car has rubbed, someone broke the window.

She said oh my god, I left my purse.

They only spend time at lookout in 5 minute, parking to lookout is not even a minute walk.

Purse was gone, they are just married yesterday. I am very sorry this happen to you guys. I could take picture but I don’t, I don’t like take picture someone bad-luck.

I said to her, this happen probably all bad happen took everything away for you. If this is not happen you might get accident on the way to home.

Also I warn you Tantalas is NOT safe place to go at night time at all unless you are or are with big guy.

Tip, do not leave any valuable stuff in the car.


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