Tour at West Oahu

Hawaii West Oahu snorkeling tour
Hawaii West Oahu snorkeling tour

I usually don’t worry about weather at west Oahu. Rain in Waikiki, cloudy in Honolulu but when we get in west Oahu there is blue sky but today weather forecast says 100% rain at Waianae coast but when we got at west Oahu we saw small blue sky no rain. On the way to Yokohama bay weather wasn’t too bad, cloud made the sacred valley mystical, goddess of rain Anuenue is blessing you when it’s rain in Hawaii.

While we were snorkeling there is finally more sunshine and more blue sky!

Cannot really trust weather forecast in Hawaii so please don’t be too much stressful on your tour day. Maybe going to be fine, maybe rain or cloudy all day but it is what it is, this is your Hawaii no matter what.

West side of the island is dry side of the island in all Hawaii Islands. We have the only one tour goes West Oahu Sacred Places. Please check Hawaii real Nature Tour. We have three tours you can choose. Hidden West Oahu Tour and Guided Snorkeling. Sacred Hawaii Circle Island and private tour (100% custom made for you!)

Oahu private tour, We Can Make Affordable Tour to Executive Tour. Just Tell Us What You Are Looking For. We’ll Make Your Perfect Aloha Day with your budged on your vacation in Hawaii!. Pleases feel free to contact us!


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