Hawaii unique tour

Hawaii sacred tour-West Oahu
Hawaii sacred tour-West Oahu Cave








If you are tired to go to tours with 20 other strangers or seeing too many tourist at view points this is a tour you should come to!

Hidden Gem West Oahu Tour take you isolated white sand beaches, Hawaii sacred valley, Hawaii sacred cave, Hawaiian Heiau (temple), Hawaiian historic spot where almost no other tourists or people.

We are only maximum 9 guests, small group tour is always better than large bus tours.

Hawaii Small group tours so we can
-care the customers, make sure they have enough time to see the view or hear the history or legend story we talk.
-safe snorkeling tour, we have 2 snorkeling guide in water with you.
-every stop, don’t have to wait lots of people coming back to the bus so you don’t waste time either.

Photo above, Makua cave or Kaneana cave. it is more than 150,000 years old cave once in underwater. There is legend goes with this cave and we found Menehune foot prints in this cave. It was kapo (taboo), ancient Hawaiian time, we bring the water to share the aina (land)  all the time. We visit Hawaiian sacred places and historic sites as well as local favorite beaches please kokua (respect) all places we visit.

We are proud of reviews on TripAdvisor, some of the review made me tears (good way) We appreciate we found us and joined us Hawaii Real Nature.

Website www.HawaiiRealNature.com
Email HawaiiRealNature@gmail.com
Call +1-808-304-9193
Smart phone Apps WhatsApp, LINE 1-808-304-9194


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