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Oahu snorkeling tour
Oahu snorkeling tour

Aloha, Hawaii Real Nature Tour is only one tour take you to Hidden gem west Oahu recommended by all previous guests!

Hawaii tour seeing untouched nature, Hawaii sacred places, historic places, talk about Hawaiian legend, safe guided snorkeling tour.

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Winter 2016 special, give away  $50 photo package for everyone who write review on TripAdvisor. Please mention this blog.

Come join us West Oahu Snorkeling Tour

You might swimming with dolphins, turtles, tropical fish, octopus, rays, all kind of marine life!

Any questions? please feel free to contact us 808-304-9193

Hawaii Real Nature, private tour is also available.

Surf tour, surf lesson, guided snorkeling, skin diving course, circle island tour. Please, just ask what you are looking for to see and do in Hawaii Tours. We will make wonderful ALOHA day for you!



Hawaii Guided Snorkeling Tour

Hawaii Oahu Tour
Hawaii Oahu Tour

Come join us Hawaii Real Nature Tour and Snorkeling.

Give me a Shaka! Have fun in Hawaiian blue water. We have 2 guides in water with maximum 9 guests. Tropical fish, Hawaiian sea turtles, rays, you will see more marine life.

An easy way to enjoy the underwater beauty is to go snorkeling.

Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Small kids to elder people. Specially we do have 2 guides with you in water. All our guide is water sports specialist and First Aid, CPR certified.

It is MUST things to do in Hawaii. There is Hawaiian green sea turtles, tropical fish, rays, dolphins, sea urchin, star fish etc just see what we can see today. Unfortunately we will not be able to see all them one time. The Ocean is always show us different aspects. Sometimes really clear blue, sometimes wavy, sometimes we meet dolphins and turtle together sometimes only fish. There is no grantee what you can see in the Ocean today hey but if you don’t go there is no chance to see anything.

Hawaii Real Nature Tour, we are small company, we do only small group tours that way we can take care all of our guests more closer and personally. Like we take care of our OHANA (means Family in Hawaiian). Our tour is maximum 10 guests. We actually started this tours on JUNE 2015 so this days we only have 2  to 4 guests a tours.

Please visit our tripadvisor review and come join us. West Oahu Tour, includes snorkeling tour with guide. West Oahu is most undeveloped side of Oahu Hawaii. You will see real Hawaii and Historical places, Hawaii sacred valley and cave, isolated beaches. Leave Waikiki to Hawaii adventure!

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Owner/Guide’s underwater photography site PhotoGalleryZERO.com


Photo Gallery ZERO OPEN 2016

Waimea Blue-North Shore Hawaii
Waimea Blue-North Shore Hawaii

Photo Gallery ZERO is opening soon at Waimea valley-Hawaii Sacred place.

It will have prints, Giclee and metal prints, tote bags, T-shirts, pillows etc. All photos are taken by Underwater and Nature photo artist Akima Kai

Please visit Akima’s website www.PhotoGalleryZERO.com

Waimea Blue  is new Hawaii brand. Using my photography in Hawaii and products are made in Japan. (some of are made in USA)
There is beach dresses, beach bags, tote bags, cosmetic porches and pillow cases.

They are really good quality. Hand made in Japan with Hawaiian Aloha spirit.

-Waimea Blue N21° Shore Hawaii-

Waimea valley is one of the Hawaiian sacred place in Oahu Hawaii. Waimea means scared water. Waimea bay is world famous surf break where the memorial of Eddie Aikau surf contest is held.
Waimea valley has Hawaiian god Loa’s Heiau. Lono is god of agriculture also there is other heiau at top of Waimea valley. That is largest heiau in Oahu Hawaii. The heiau for Ku. Ku is god of war.
If you come to North Shore Oahu you need to see these heiau. Please remember heiau is very respected place don’t be stupid don’t be unrepeatable.

N21° Shore Hawaii
This is meant to be North Shore Hawaii.
North Shore Oahu north latitude is about 21.59116° so I named from that number.

If you ever come to North Shore Hawaii (Island of Oahu) please stop by Waimea valley, Photo Gallery ZERO.

Akima produce a Hawaii Oahu Tour too, Hidden gem west Oahu tour and snorkeling or Hawaii Sacred all day tour. please visit Oahu Hawaii Tours website here



Hawaii Summer 2015

HOT HOT HOT really HOT last year.

I was living in Cairns Australia before I came here in Oahu. Cairns is known by HOT and Humid. I loved it. I love humidity and heat in Cairns, there is really HOT in summer. Please note , Do not use sun lotion in Australia. There is times 4 or 5 UV than mainland in USA. You must put sunscreen, don’t worry you still get sunburn.

Parking a car for 10 or 20 minute under the sun when you open the door you will hold a breath for the heat air from the car.

Anyway in Hawaii is not like that. I even complain it is COLD in Hawaii. Especially Morning and night time. It is chilly. You need long sleeve shirt at night time but this year. This is first time I feel really hot in Hawaii.

Reason why, El Niño. They call Godzilla El Niño this year. All surfers are expecting huge wave in winter time. Hopefully The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau will be open this season at Waimea bay North Shore Oahu.

Usually hurricane is not coming to Hawaii but again this year. There were 7 or 8 hurricanes supposed to hit in Hawaii Islands already. Luckily they missed us. Well every summer we have beautiful blue Hawaii beaches and calm water for snorkeling in summer but that reason unfortunately beaches have small waves.

Huh hot, i need to jump in water. Snorkeling with sea turtles and swimming with dolphins in Hawaii.

We have Hawaii west Oahu snorkeling tour tomorrow. Hopefully we see Honu the green sea turtles! Please visit our TripAdvisor page see the reviews and come join us Discover west Oahu Tour with Hawaii Real Nature.