Eddie will go on WED

waimea north shore hawaii
waimea north shore hawaii

Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Will Go on Wednesday. The 31st annual Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau has been put on green alert for this Wednesday, February 10. The prestigious big-wave invitational has a holding period set during the most active swell season on Hawaii’s North Shore (Dec. 1 – Feb. 28) and requires waves more than 20 feet (40-foot faces) to run. This winter’s El Niño weather pattern has been generating swell throughout the Pacific for months now and already provided contestable conditions for the Big Wave Tour’s Pe’ahi Challenge and Todos Santos Challenge, not to mention numerous submissions for the Big Wave Awards. by Qiucksilver website.

Invitation only in this contest. Only the world best big wave surfers. see who are invited.

Wait a min, there is no women? hey its 2016 guys!

This quiet Waimea bay become big wave legend.

North Shore Oahu will be very heavy traffic on WED. If you are not interested to see Eddie Aikau contest I do recommend stay away from North Shore on this day.



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