Underwater/Nature Photo artist. Akima Kai

Akima first bought her camera and underwater housing, and started to travel the world, in 1999. She has been fascinated with the underwater world and marine life. But Akima has big problem being an underwater photographer and a diver, she gets seasick in one second on or in the ocean, still she can not quit photographing the marine life.

Akima has found passion for underwater photography and wild life of the earth. She is trying to find the COLOUR of the earth and share it with everyone living on this same planet. She is taking a moment that she has spent in time with stunning nature.

“I like seeing the moment, the ocean, nature and wild life though the lens of my camera more than naked eye. Because, when I see the object though the lens, there is already my own art. No one could find but me. I believe a photograph can make ones world.

They can speak, report and have power to change the peoples minds. That is why I am looking for the moment and colour that inspires peoples heart to save the Earth.” She said.

She is also mermaid model, designer and have a tour company in Hawaii. Please feel free to visit the site below and do not hesitate to contact us.

Akima Photography

Guided tour, swimming with Dolphins, Whales and Killer whales (Orca)

Hidden west coast Oahu Hawaii tour produced by Akima


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Underwater photo artist, freediver in Hawaii

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