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Octopus, eel and of course Sea turtle

Oahu Snorkeling Tour
Oahu Snorkeling Tour

Hawaii Real Nature, Hidden West Oahu Tour and Snorkeling.

Unlikely west coast of Oahu Hawaii it has been wet. Look at how green there is! This is greener than in winter time, it is very rare this much colorful green mountain you can see at west Oahu. It is so beautiful.

Mountain is so green, Ocean is so blue, beach and cloud are so white what else you need? Enjoy isolates beaches on west Oahu.

It was good visibility too at snorkeling. We got an Octopus (of course I released it) saw eels, lots of tropical fish, school of goat fish and unicone fish. Hawaiian state fish (Fumufumunukunukuapuaa)  and of course Honu the Hawaiian green sea turtle. I can say 90% of time we found them while we are snorkeling at west Oahu tour.

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Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii
Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Who is dreaming to swim with wild dolphin? Who is dreaming to come to Hawaii?

Blue Hawaiian Water is waiting for you.

When I have time I jump in water, expecting to see something special then I usually do. Hawaiian spinner dolphins, Honu the Hawaiian green sea turtles, Octopus, all kind of rays and tropical fish.

Snorkeling in Hawaii is once in your life time, must things to do in Hawaii. Usually water is calm and warm. Very good chance to see Hawaiian green sea turtles! Hawaii is one of the lucky place you can see the sea turtle with snorkeling.

Hawaii Real Nature offers two choice to enjoy the way in Hawaii snorkeling.

One is Hidden West Oahu Tour and Snorkeling, we go historic site, nature views, beautiful isolated white sand beaches and enjoy snorkeling end of the tour with two professional guides and photographers.

Another offer is the 100% custom private tour which is made by you. Simply you tell us briefly what you would like to do/see, we will make it happen as much as we can.

Snorkeling, surfing lesson, skin diving lesson, beach popping specially it is coming winter, Hawaii is surfer’s mecca. There is amazing wave in North Shore Oahu. Even you are not surfer you will enjoy how powerful wave is in North Shore Hawaii. The sounds of wave is really impressive.

Contact us, we will make your perfect Aloha Day!

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Aloha Friday


Welcome to blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii

Things to do in Honolulu.
Discover island of Oahu.
I recommend go to circle island in Oahu. Circle island goes to south, east and north of Oahu. These Circle island sightseeing tours about 120 miles drive in Island of Oahu.
Diamond crater, Hanauma bay, makapu look out, blow hole, waimanalo beach, Chinaman’s Hat, Laie, North Shore beaches visit famous North Shore surfing spots of Waimea Bay and Pipeline and stop at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Most of tour companies stop in North Shore for popular North Shore (Kahuku) shrimp lunch wagon. (garlic shrimp is best.) At North Shore I assume almost all circle island tours stop at North Shore famous turtle beaches. You will see Hawaiian sea turtle sleeping the beaches.
The Hawaiian green sea turtles sometimes come up to the beaches and resting and sleeping so please do not touch or bother the turtles!

There are lots of tour company with Oahu circle island tours. Check carefully where they are going and where they stop. Some of them also going to snorkeling at North Shore turtle beaches. You will see either Hawaiian sea turtle laying on the beach or swimming next to you.

If you don’t have much time to stay in Oahu but still want to see everything this is a tour you should join!

Hawaii Real Nature offer Sacred journey Circle Island Tour, we go mostly Hawaiian sacred places and of course we stop Oahu top sightseeing spots.

Please compere our tour and other Circle Island tour stops. You can see we are different. More like you will see REAL HAWAII with us. See our website Circle Island Tour in Oahu

Okay now, do you remember where the circle island tour goes? Oahu circle island tours goes to South, East and North of Island of Oahu. How about West Oahu?
Here we are, we are only one tour company show you around Hidden west Oahu.
Discover West Oahu with Hawaii Real Nature. We are water sports specialist too. Oahu west tour takes you one of the amazing and safest snorkeling site, explore Hawaii’s amazing marine life with West Oahu tour!

We saw, Hawaiian green sea turtles-Honu, Humuhumu nukunuku apuaa-Hawaii state fish, Spotted ray, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, very rare sea turtle Hawsblill-Honuae and so many tropical fish!

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Hawaii snorkeling Hanauma bay

Hawaii Hanauma bay

I used to working as a snorkeling instructor at Hanauma bay. It is most popular snorkeling site in Oahu Hawaii. It’s about 3000 people visit a day depends on seasons. Hanauma bay is great snorkeling site for all beginner even who is with kids or first time snorkeler. Usually very calm and shallow water sometimes you can see Honu the sea green sea turtles.

Some of the website says Hanauma bay is “most dangerous snorkeling site in Oahu” I was like WHAT? no way, Hanauma bay is most safest beach you go snorkel. I tell you why they said most dangerous beach in Hawaii. Actually percentage of people drawning is very high rate at Hanauma bay. Let me explain that. As I said 3000 people visit a day maybe more in summer that is lots of people. Some of them are elder people. I heard high percentage of who drowned were hurt attach not really “drowned” so very unfair to say Hanauma bay is “most dangerous snorkeling site in Hawaii”

Whatever you go in water, you need buddy. Please do not go in water by yourself. If your grandma gets hurt attach in water if there is somebody with her she might be saved. If your love one get trouble in water you can call for help.
Actually drowning people are very quiet. They don’t look like drowning. They cannot call for help at all. Please please be there for your love one.

Join snorkeling tour with Hawaii Real Nature . All our guides are all water specialist with CPR, AED and First Aid Certification. Snorkel instruction and life guard in water with you. Safety is our #1 priority.

Hawaiian green sea turtle

snorkel with turtle
snorkel with turtle


Fact about Hawaiian green sea turtle. Binomial name Chelonia mydas
One of Earth’s oldest animals.

Are they green?
mmmmm not really “green” but green color of the fat found beneath its shell!

Lifespan is about 80 years.
Green turtles are among the largest sea turtles in the world. Weighing up to 700 pounds (317.5 kilograms) and up to 5 feet (1.5m).

Adult green sea turtle is only one sea turtle mainly eat sea grasses and algae while juveniles have a more carnivorous diet. They are only doing two things in their life. Guess what?
Eating and sleeping. Who want to be a green sea turtle now? Green sea turtle is mainly eat vegetable there is not much nutrition in it this is reason why they have to eat all the time.

Green sea turtle is lung breathing creature. They spend all most all life in water but they must breath air, They can be in water about 2 hours depends on what they are doing. When they are only sleeping they can be in water more than 2 hours.

Green sea turtle lays 100 to 200 eggs but you know how many of them can be adult… it is not even 1 % of them.

Well, is Hawaiian green sea turtle really “green sea turtle?
Some experts actually says Hawaiian green sea turtle is “Pacific BLACK sea turtle”. If you like to find out about more Pacific black sea turtle click here

Honu-Green Sea turtle in Hawaii
Honu is a symbol of Wisdom and Good Luck in Hawaii.

Snorkeling with green sea turtle in Hawaii with Discover West Oahu Tour.
Discover west Oahu tour is not only snorkeling adventure, we take you Hawaiian historic sites and sacred places.
This must things to do in Honolulu!

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii
Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

It’s about 3000 spinner dolphins migrate in Hawaii islands.
Hawaiian spinner dolphins are 1.7 to 2.2 meters, 25 to 75 kilograms.

Spinner dolphins are known for their acrobatics and aerial behaviors. A spinner dolphin comes out of the water front first and twists its body as it rises into the air. When it reaches its maximum height, the dolphin descends back into the water, landing on its side. A dolphin can make two to 5.5 spins in one leap; the swimming and rotational speed of the dolphin as it spins underwater affects the number of spins it can do while airborne.

Spinner dolphins are not really “friendly dolphin”. They usually don’t play with human, they will try to running away from you so please when you find a spinner dolphins in water do not approach them,, just wait they start approach you.
The spinner dolphins sometimes come up to you, check you out or say hello, sometimes they accept you to be in the their pod. When I am photographing spinner dolphin in Hawaii, I see the dolphins front of me then I look at my behind there are 100 dolphins surround me. It is WOW, It is amazing experience.

Photo Gallery ZERO and Hawaii Real Nature Tour have private tour goes to one of the Hawaiian spinner dolphins playground.
We do not use a boat which harass them. We are going to look for dolphins from the beaches, chances are I can say 70% but this tour is not only for the dolphins we can take you hidden west Oahu Hawaiian scared places and historical places or as much as we have time we can take you to have special Hawaii Aloha day.

Please contact us, any requests are welcome. You don’t have to swimming with 50 people, you don’t feel be ignored by tour guide. We do only small group (maximum 10 people) or private tour. Be personal, we care, we work, you enjoy!

Highly recommend on TripAdvisor Things to do in Honolulu.
Hawaii Oahu Tour with Professional Underwater and Nature Photographer.

Hawaii Real Nature Tour produced by Photo Gallery ZERO
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Snorkeling tour Oahu Hawaii

Oahu snorkeling tour
Oahu snorkeling tour

This is one of the my favorite fish Taape in Hawaiian it’s blueline snapper.
They are scuba diver’s favorite fish too. They usually 100-200 school like this picture. Big eyes and cute face.
At Hanauma bay blueline snapper is swimming itself. I assume they feel so safe at Hanauma bay that’s why they don’t have to have school. Also eel at Hanauma bay, they are sometimes “swimming” I mean, i have been diving in more than 15 years I haven’t seen swimming eel that much in other area. Usually the eel stays hide in the small space, sticking his only head out, looking for food or just hanging out there. Again this is also they feel so safe in Hanauma bay??

Anyway I was told by local people here in Hawaii blueline snapper can be good for sashimi. I was like REALLY? They are too cute to eat! but I want to try one day.

Blueline snapper is not indigenous fish in Hawaii. They are intentionally introduced to Hawaii from French Polynesia about 40 years ago. It has adapted quickly and successfully in Hawaii

There is also you can probably see ENDEMIC HAWAIIAN FISHES such as Hawaiian Mamo-hawaiian sergeant fish, lau wiliwili-Lemon Butterflyfish, ‘āwela-Hawaiian Xmas wrasse, kīkākapu-Bluelined Butterflyfish.

Come join our Guided snorkeling tour-discover west Oahu We will take you amazing underwater world in Hawaii.

Don’t forget you may snorkeling with sea turtles too!