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Hawaii unique tour

Hawaii sacred tour-West Oahu
Hawaii sacred tour-West Oahu Cave








If you are tired to go to tours with 20 other strangers or seeing too many tourist at view points this is a tour you should come to!

Hidden Gem West Oahu Tour take you isolated white sand beaches, Hawaii sacred valley, Hawaii sacred cave, Hawaiian Heiau (temple), Hawaiian historic spot where almost no other tourists or people.

We are only maximum 9 guests, small group tour is always better than large bus tours.

Hawaii Small group tours so we can
-care the customers, make sure they have enough time to see the view or hear the history or legend story we talk.
-safe snorkeling tour, we have 2 snorkeling guide in water with you.
-every stop, don’t have to wait lots of people coming back to the bus so you don’t waste time either.

Photo above, Makua cave or Kaneana cave. it is more than 150,000 years old cave once in underwater. There is legend goes with this cave and we found Menehune foot prints in this cave. It was kapo (taboo), ancient Hawaiian time, we bring the water to share the aina (land)  all the time. We visit Hawaiian sacred places and historic sites as well as local favorite beaches please kokua (respect) all places we visit.

We are proud of reviews on TripAdvisor, some of the review made me tears (good way) We appreciate we found us and joined us Hawaii Real Nature.

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Hawaii things to do

Hawaii things to do
Hawaii things to do

One of the Hawaii best things to do is snorkeling tour! Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Let us take you another side of the world Underwater, swimming with tropical fish, Hawaiian sea turtles, dolphins. You will see lots of marine life which you have never seen.

Hawaii Real Nature – Hidden West Oahu Tour and Snorkeling has 2 snorkeling guides with maximum 9 guests. You are safe and it’s enjoyable, Let us do all hard work, you only relax! We’d love to show you underwater world that will amaze you!

Hidden west Oahu tour is
-Small group tour
-Professional guides
-Guided snorkeling
-Free Snorkel equipment rental

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Have fun day at West Oahu Tour

Hawaii Tour Oahu
Hawaii Tour Oahu

Get out of Cloudy Waikiki, have fun at isolated Oahu beaches, Hawaiian sacred places, this is Real Hawaii Experience!

We are the only one sightseeing tour goes to Waianae coast (leeward coast) which is West Oahu. We go Hawaiian sacred places, isolated white sand beaches, surf legend Makaha beach, Sacred valley, Sacred cave, Hawaiian Heiau (temple), and guided snorkeling!

We only take 10 guest maximum. You don’t have to wait 50 passenger come back to the bus every stop, we are more personal to be your Ohana (family) Smaller tour is always better then big bus tour.

We do

Hidden West Oahu Tour with Guided Snorkeling and Sacred Circle Island Tour.

You can see our review on TripAdvisor.

We will make your perfect Aloha Day! visit our website.



Tour at West Oahu

Hawaii West Oahu snorkeling tour
Hawaii West Oahu snorkeling tour

I usually don’t worry about weather at west Oahu. Rain in Waikiki, cloudy in Honolulu but when we get in west Oahu there is blue sky but today weather forecast says 100% rain at Waianae coast but when we got at west Oahu we saw small blue sky no rain. On the way to Yokohama bay weather wasn’t too bad, cloud made the sacred valley mystical, goddess of rain Anuenue is blessing you when it’s rain in Hawaii.

While we were snorkeling there is finally more sunshine and more blue sky!

Cannot really trust weather forecast in Hawaii so please don’t be too much stressful on your tour day. Maybe going to be fine, maybe rain or cloudy all day but it is what it is, this is your Hawaii no matter what.

West side of the island is dry side of the island in all Hawaii Islands. We have the only one tour goes West Oahu Sacred Places. Please check Hawaii real Nature Tour. We have three tours you can choose. Hidden West Oahu Tour and Guided Snorkeling. Sacred Hawaii Circle Island and private tour (100% custom made for you!)

Oahu private tour, We Can Make Affordable Tour to Executive Tour. Just Tell Us What You Are Looking For. We’ll Make Your Perfect Aloha Day with your budged on your vacation in Hawaii!. Pleases feel free to contact us!

Octopus, eel and of course Sea turtle

Oahu Snorkeling Tour
Oahu Snorkeling Tour

Hawaii Real Nature, Hidden West Oahu Tour and Snorkeling.

Unlikely west coast of Oahu Hawaii it has been wet. Look at how green there is! This is greener than in winter time, it is very rare this much colorful green mountain you can see at west Oahu. It is so beautiful.

Mountain is so green, Ocean is so blue, beach and cloud are so white what else you need? Enjoy isolates beaches on west Oahu.

It was good visibility too at snorkeling. We got an Octopus (of course I released it) saw eels, lots of tropical fish, school of goat fish and unicone fish. Hawaiian state fish (Fumufumunukunukuapuaa)  and of course Honu the Hawaiian green sea turtle. I can say 90% of time we found them while we are snorkeling at west Oahu tour.

More pictures please go to our Facebook page.

Any question? feel

free to contact us.

Would you like to have a fun with us please make a reservation from here

This is highly recommend at TripAdvisor.  Hawaii Real Nature, Hidden West Oahu and Snorkeling Tour- click here to see the testimonials. (at a bottom of the page.)

Welcome to blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii

Things to do in Honolulu.
Discover island of Oahu.
I recommend go to circle island in Oahu. Circle island goes to south, east and north of Oahu. These Circle island sightseeing tours about 120 miles drive in Island of Oahu.
Diamond crater, Hanauma bay, makapu look out, blow hole, waimanalo beach, Chinaman’s Hat, Laie, North Shore beaches visit famous North Shore surfing spots of Waimea Bay and Pipeline and stop at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Most of tour companies stop in North Shore for popular North Shore (Kahuku) shrimp lunch wagon. (garlic shrimp is best.) At North Shore I assume almost all circle island tours stop at North Shore famous turtle beaches. You will see Hawaiian sea turtle sleeping the beaches.
The Hawaiian green sea turtles sometimes come up to the beaches and resting and sleeping so please do not touch or bother the turtles!

There are lots of tour company with Oahu circle island tours. Check carefully where they are going and where they stop. Some of them also going to snorkeling at North Shore turtle beaches. You will see either Hawaiian sea turtle laying on the beach or swimming next to you.

If you don’t have much time to stay in Oahu but still want to see everything this is a tour you should join!

Hawaii Real Nature offer Sacred journey Circle Island Tour, we go mostly Hawaiian sacred places and of course we stop Oahu top sightseeing spots.

Please compere our tour and other Circle Island tour stops. You can see we are different. More like you will see REAL HAWAII with us. See our website Circle Island Tour in Oahu

Okay now, do you remember where the circle island tour goes? Oahu circle island tours goes to South, East and North of Island of Oahu. How about West Oahu?
Here we are, we are only one tour company show you around Hidden west Oahu.
Discover West Oahu with Hawaii Real Nature. We are water sports specialist too. Oahu west tour takes you one of the amazing and safest snorkeling site, explore Hawaii’s amazing marine life with West Oahu tour!

We saw, Hawaiian green sea turtles-Honu, Humuhumu nukunuku apuaa-Hawaii state fish, Spotted ray, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, very rare sea turtle Hawsblill-Honuae and so many tropical fish!

Please visit our TripAdvisor reviews and our website.

Makua cave Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii West Oahu Tour
Makua cave Oahu Hawaii

Anyone likes spooky story?

The cave we visit during our Hidden West Oahu tour is more than 150,000 years old once in the water. Kaneana Cave or Makua Cave is one of Hawaii’s ancient sacred sites.

Hawaiian believes this cave is womb of the Earth and  has been the site of magic, ritual and religious ceremonies. The area around the cave has been considered sacred and kapu (taboo) by local communities in recent times. This cave is also Pele’s home.

There is a spooky legend with shark man Nanaue goes with this cave.

I get always goose bumps when I go to inside of this cave. We actually found “menehune” foot print in the cave few times. Menehune is people who was/is living in Hawaii way before Polynesian start to live in Hawaii.

Anyway our tour yesterday, three of us including me, eye witnessed this happen in this Hawaiian sacred cave.

There is big rock inside a kaneana cave. There is sometimes ti leafs, cup of water etc on this rock. (The Ti leaf is very sacred to Hawaii.) Three of us looked at that, there is some kind of leafs on there but not ti leafs then one guest and I went to left side of the cave, another guest went to on right side of the cave followed her boy friend. few minutes later we came back to that big rock, I looked at the rock, there is 3 small rocks on it. (see picture below) I thought I didn’t notice these rocks when I looked at first time then the guest who was with me she said “oh my god what are they, they weren’t NOT here before were they??” I was like what?? yea I didn’t see them either. I asked another guest who went to on right side. She also agree she didn’t see these three rocks before.

Hawaii Sacred cave tour
Hawaii Sacred cave tour

Wow, really??

I knew some kind of spirits are there, maybe Manehune?? What they want to tell us? I do believe they don’t tell us bad things just because. We respect, share water to aina before entering the cave, always pick up trash, do not move anything.

Are you interested this kind of experience and  legend goes to Hawaii’s ancient sacred sites? Come join us Hawaii Real Nature Tour.

Don’t forget we take you to snorkeling too.

This is feed back one of the our guest yesterday.

Thank you! had such a fab day! you two are the best! and i’ve discovered my new obsession: snorkeling! thank you for teaching me the ropes! by Ava from NY


More pictures, please visit Hawaii Real Nature Tour FaceBook page.