Hawaiian dinner

what is “Hawaiian food”

This called POKE which is fresh ahi (tuna) mix with soy source, sea weed, sometime onion, green onion etc.

I bought poke with limu (hawaiian sea weed) today. I mixed with Japanese soy source, wasabi, sesame oil, onion and green onion. Poke on sushi rice.

If you like Sushi or raw fish you must try it.

North shore has also very popular shrimp, Kahuku shrimp. Kahuku is 15 min drive from Haleiwa town. There is shrimp firm. Haleiwa town also has lots of shrimp lunch wagon mostly popular  “garlic shrimp lunch plate”  There is few faumas shrimp lunch wagon but there are not much different i can say. Few of them were actually i didnt like it but mostly okay.

Before you try to lunch wagon. You should get local free magazine look for coupon. There is useful coupon in free magazine. It is worth to get them and look for discount coupon.

hawaii poke
hawaii poke

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