Waikiki Beaches

History of Waikiki
Waikiki means “spouting water”
Old Waikiki consists of taro fields and fish ponds, meandering stream and coconut groves as well as the fabled continuous, sandy beach.
The area was a retreat for Hawaiian royalty in the 1800s who enjoyed surfing there on early forms of longboards but did you know Waikiki beaches are not natural beaches. They are man made beaches so where the sand come from?
Waikiki’s sand actually brought over from other beaches in Hawaii. They used to bring sand from world famous surfing beach Waimea Bay North Shore. When they used to dredge the sand out of Waimea bay the wave was actually bigger and better.

Recently, sand has been pumped from neutral areas of the ocean floor some 2,000 feet off Waikiki to fill in the shrinking beach. In 2004, the state spent $500,000 to siphon 10,000 cubic yards of sand from offshore—the largest replenishment effort of Waikiki’s beaches in more than 30 years. It’s a solution that aims to lessen the environmental impact and is being adopted by deteriorating beaches worldwide.

You can see the 1880s Waikiki picture here


Naupaka the Hawaiian legend

Naupaka, Hawaiian legend
Naupaka, Hawaiian legend

There is several legend about this flower NAUPAKA.

This is one of them.

There was a beautiful Hawaiian princess Naupaka.

One day, her friends noticed that Naupaka looked very sad. They wanted help her and asked what was wrong with you?.

“I have fallen in love with a man named Kaui but Kaui is not of noble birth—he is a commoner.” According to Hawaiian tradition, it was strictly forbidden for members of royalty to marry people from the common ranks.

Distressed, Naupaka and Kaui traveled long and far, seeking a solution to their dilemma. They climbed up a mountain to see a kahuna who was staying at a heiau (temple). Alas, he had no clear answer for the young lovers. “There is nothing I can do,” he told them, “but you should pray. Pray at this heiau.”

So they did. And as they prayed, rain began to fall. Their hearts torn by sorrow, Naupaka and Kaui embraced for a final time. Then Naupaka took a flower from her ear and tore it in half, giving one half to Kaui. “The gods won’t allow us to be together,” she said. “You go live down by the water, while I will stay up here in the mountains.”

As the two lovers separated, the naupaka plants that grew nearby saw how sad they were. The very next day, they began to bloom in only half flowers.

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Mahalo nui loa.

Chief guide Akima

Oahu Hawaii tour, Discover west Oahu and snorkeling!

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii
Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Today’s crew we saw dolphins and turtle in water during snorkeling and we found ALOHA cucumber. We had so much luck at west Oahu Hawaii today.

Hawaiian green sea turtle we saw today was, maybe about 20 years old maybe less?? It is hard to tell but it was still small sea turtle. The turtle in Hawaiian call, HONU. You can see lots of Honu pictures in souvenir.

Honu is good luck in Hawaii also led to the God. The Hawaiian sea turtles are also Aumakua which is ancestor of some of the Hawaiian.

When you see the Honu, sea turtles, PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER THEM. Please give them enough space all the time. Don’t chase them PLEASE!!! Do not touch!!! There is Hawaiian state law and if you touch the turtle there is FINE too.

I mean, if when you are on the beach, group of stranger come up to you start touching you. What would you do!? Would you like it? NO right? so please don’t do wildlife too.

Respect the nature, respect the wildlife.

Our fun part is NOT only snorkeling. We discover the hidden coast west Oahu.

makaha valley
makaha valley
kaneana cave
kaneana cave

Please KOKUA when you visiting Hawaiian special place!

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Hawaii West Oahu Things to do. Discover Hawaii, Hidden Coast of Oahu

Hawaii West Oahu Things to do. Discover Hawaii, Hidden Coast of Oahu


snorkel with turtle
snorkel with turtle

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west oahu tour
west oahu tour
things to do in oahu
things to do in oahu

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Underwater in Hawaii

Tried new freediving fin and mask.

Both not bad at all.

This place called three table next beach to Sharks cove in North Shore Oahu Hawaii.  we saw 2 baby sea turtle. and lots of fish. It is good place to snorkeling for beginner.

free diving

When i was looking for a long fins for free diving it was really hard to look for because no company make the size small. I am size 6 in US (23.5cm) NON of the companies making that small fin at all. I asked Japanese girl free diver in japan she said “no, there is no size for us, we wear boot to fit the fin.”

Really???? i don’t like wear boots or sox so i was looking for looking for looking for it then I found it!! I ordered X-small but it was too big, i needed sent it back and got new one XX-small. Actually still little bit big but can fit.

free diving in Hawaii

akima the mermaid

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Acupuncture in Hawaii

I wanted try acupuncture for long time but I’v never done.

I had injury in 2013 on my left ankle while I am working on the boat then I had a surgery in JAN 2014. yes it was 2014. Unfortunately surgery didn’t work or gets worse actually. I don’t remember this pain had before the surgery.

I knew if you CUT (have surgery) your body will NOT recover 100%. Dr also agree with my theory.

I went to three Doctors about this matter but none of them didn’t figure out what is the cause of pain and tightness or problem. “Last Doctor actually asked me why don’t you try an acupuncture? I don’t quit sure but worth to try.”

So yea, it’s time to try! I found good deal on Groupon but I need to go to Honolulu from North Shore Oahu. That is about 40 miles. mmmmmmmmm oh well, let’s try. It is good excuse to see my friends in Honolulu too.

Anyway, i saw Dr David Ci (I cannot pronounce Ci it’s Chinese accent!) It was great experience! Very interesting.

yin and yang

According to him, Yin and Yang need to be a balance but my yang is too weak. One of the reason of my strong seasickness is because I am lack of energy (weak Yang)

Does it mean are you able to fix my seasick!!!!! If i don’t get cold or seasick, my life will be PERFECT! like really!!

Now he is working on my left ankle. I may be going to see him after groupon deal for seasickness. It is cost me A LOT but I think THIS is worth to try!

I tried hypnotherapy (did NOT work at all.) I tried wristband (did NOT work at all) Dramamine only works for me so far but I don’t want to take chemical every time (almost everyday) go to the Ocean, snorkeling/free diving. Oh yea I get seasick when I go snorkeling. It is very tough remember I am underwater photographer I get seasick really bad.

Imagine you go to work everyday with heavy hungover, can you handle it?! It is terrible. It is horrible, woeful but can’t quit!!

I am hoping he can help me for this!

I don’t have any picture for today so I just put dolphin picture from Bahamas

spotted dolphins bahamas
spotted dolphins bahamas

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Akima the Mermaid in Hawaii

For Rottweiler lover. Free wallpaper


You are welcome to download pictures as your wallpaper for free.

Waimea at Waimea bay
Waimea at Waimea bay

These of you who loves Rottie! This is my boy Waimea at Waimea bay North Shore Oahu Hawaii. It was his one year birth day.

Waimea the rottweiler
Waimea the rottweiler

He is my first dog but i think i am  training him very good, he is very smart and good boy. i am proud of him!

Waimea the rottie
Waimea the rottie

But actually i am still thinking. I should not BUY the pets. There are 100,000? 1,000,000? dogs, cats are killed because of us. Paying for the animal is NOT right thing to do I believe.

Before I purchased him I was looking for adapt dog than something not good happen when I was home by my self. After that happen I start thinking I need serious guard dog at this house but i was still against “buy” the dog. My husband said to me, you are not paying for a dog, you are paying for the security. I was crying actually thinking to “buy” breed that can be good guard dog. That time I was looking at CL, I saw this puppy right time. I contacted to the breeder, I just tell my self only see the puppy but yea of course I took him home that day. He was cutie pie.

Waimea 7 weeks
Waimea 7 weeks

But still now I am feel guilty to have pure breed. Don’t get me wrong. I am very happy to have him and he is doing very well. I am not dog lover but I love him. I do.

Please consider adapt the dog/cat before you purchase.

Please ask your self, Are you really able to take care of them more than 15 years? They are not your toy. They have feeling, life, love NOT different as human. Please ask your self and your family will you really love them forever.

Please watch this video.

Underwater photo artist, freediver in Hawaii