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Waimea bay North Shore Hawaii

Waimea bay North Shore Hawaii Tour
Waimea bay North Shore Hawaii Tour

It was perfect day for around island Hawaii tour today. No cloud, just Blue sky and Ocean.

This picture taken above the world famous beach Waimea bay North Shore Hawaii.

Our Hawaii circle island tour is very unique, we go where big tour bus don’t go. We are small tour, only take 9 guests maximum. More personal, feel more local, close to local guide.

Hawaii Real Nature Tour please see our review on tripadvisor.

We also have Hidden west Oahu Tour and guided snorkeling and private tour.

We are team keep the Ocean clean. Hawaii Eco tours.

West Oahu Tour, we are the only one tour show you on Hidden gem Waianae side. Untouched mountain view, isolated beaches, surf legend beach, Hawaii sacred cave and valley. You will enjoy very different side of the island of Oahu. Get out of cloudy Waikiki enjoy somewhere peace and quiet, not so much tourist you will see with our tour.

Please feel free to contact us.


1-808-304-9193 ( I’m usually on the tour or in the Ocean. Best way to contact us is Email above.)

This is what I do another then our tour. Underwater Photography.





Massive wave at North Shore Oahu


north shore oahu hawaii

Waimea bay North Shore Hawaii had big wave surf contest yesterday. still remain massive wave at North Shore Hawaii. This is Sharks cove, it is popular snorkeling site in summer in Oahu Hawaii.

Look at today’s water. You cannot even go close to the Ocean I mean please don’t go closer.

Water power during winter in North Shore Hawaii is amazing. It is so strong and powerful that you cannot even imagine. A lot of tourist realized after they had accident with this massive wave. Few people actually die only walking on the beach. Yes that happened in North Shore. The wave grab you to the nature washing machine.

Be safe.

Hawaii Real Nature Tour. has North Shore Sacred circle island tour check it out!

Ms Kumu Yoga

Laie point Hawaii Tour
Laie point Hawaii Tour

Yesterday guest was Yogo teacher. It was fun to take pictures with all yoga pose with Hawaiian nature.

Mon, Wed and Fri Hawaii Real Real Nature Tour does Sacred Hawaii Circle Island Tour.

We are only 9 guest maximum, it’s better than with 20-50 stranger. It’s more personal!

We go lots of places others doesn’t. Heiau for Ku (god of war.) Heiau for Lono (god of the agriculture, music and peace.) Kukaniloko Birth Stone one of the most important ancient cultural sites. Ulupo Heiau one of the heiau builed by Menehune (People live in Hawaii before Polynesian came.)

Please see Hawaii Real Nature Tour, detail for Hawaii Sacred Circle Island Tour

Hawaii Real Nature Tour




Things to do in Hawaii

Hawaii tour

Book Hawaii Tours Today. Enjoy  blue Ocean views, beautiful mountain views, looking for wildlife such as Hawaiian green sea turtles, very rare Hawaiian monk seals.

NO.1 Hawaii Tours, we are only one tour take you to the West Oahu Tour. Hidden valley, Hawaiian sacred cave and snorkeling at home of sea turtles.


Unique Sacred Circle Island Tour We go places others doesn’t. Hawaiian Heiau (Hawaiian ancient temple.) Hawaiian sacred places and historic sites as well as top Oahu scenic sites.

Hawaii Private Tour, We will make a tour for you. Tell us what is a passion while in you are in Hawaii. We are Snorkeling, Free diving, Surfing specialist and photographer in Oahu Hawaii.  Hawaii Real Nature Private Tour, this service includes “Photo Package”

Discount Hawaii Tour package-2 days Oahu Hawaii Tours, West Oahu Tour and Circle Island Tour. This way you go complete 360 degrees in Oahu. Please contact us.

Looking for tours in Hawaii? Please visit our new website www.HawaiiRealNature.com

We are Hawaii Tours specialist. Have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!




Embark on a sacred journey of a lifetime

Waimea bay North Shore Hawaii Tour
Waimea bay North Shore Hawaii Tour

Our Oahu circle Island Tour, this is a way to see real Hawaii. No like other, we go sacred Hawaii places, Hawaiian temple, heiau, healing pool, sacred valley, historic places.

We go lots of places other circle island tours don’t go. Please see detail so you will know we are different! We don’t just take you there, we do talk legend, histories and stories behind the places.

The pictures is you can look at world famous Waimea bay non of the tours goes to here to see this beautiful  view point but we do! We are team of professional photographers so we know where you should take you.

Our circle island tour take you supernatural Hawaiian sacred places as well as top Oahu sightseeing spots we go such as most popular reef you can see from above Hanauma bay, tourist attraction blowhole, beautiful blue Hawaii and see rabbit island Makapuu lookout, white sand beach Waimanalo beach, very good chance to see Hawaiian see turtles in North Shore, see mountain views kualoa ranch and chinaman’s hat. Yes we go everything plus Hawaiian Sacred Places.

We do limited online booking 15% discount now, code, w15

Please visit www.OahuHawaiiTour.com

We have 3 tours you can choose with us.

We are team of professional underwater photographer, snorkeling instructor, surf instructor, NAUI dive master, rescue diver. We are still tour company but we are experienced tour guides and skilled water people.

We do private our too. Call us now! 808-304-9193

Welcome to blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii

Things to do in Honolulu.
Discover island of Oahu.
I recommend go to circle island in Oahu. Circle island goes to south, east and north of Oahu. These Circle island sightseeing tours about 120 miles drive in Island of Oahu.
Diamond crater, Hanauma bay, makapu look out, blow hole, waimanalo beach, Chinaman’s Hat, Laie, North Shore beaches visit famous North Shore surfing spots of Waimea Bay and Pipeline and stop at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Most of tour companies stop in North Shore for popular North Shore (Kahuku) shrimp lunch wagon. (garlic shrimp is best.) At North Shore I assume almost all circle island tours stop at North Shore famous turtle beaches. You will see Hawaiian sea turtle sleeping the beaches.
The Hawaiian green sea turtles sometimes come up to the beaches and resting and sleeping so please do not touch or bother the turtles!

There are lots of tour company with Oahu circle island tours. Check carefully where they are going and where they stop. Some of them also going to snorkeling at North Shore turtle beaches. You will see either Hawaiian sea turtle laying on the beach or swimming next to you.

If you don’t have much time to stay in Oahu but still want to see everything this is a tour you should join!

Hawaii Real Nature offer Sacred journey Circle Island Tour, we go mostly Hawaiian sacred places and of course we stop Oahu top sightseeing spots.

Please compere our tour and other Circle Island tour stops. You can see we are different. More like you will see REAL HAWAII with us. See our website Circle Island Tour in Oahu

Okay now, do you remember where the circle island tour goes? Oahu circle island tours goes to South, East and North of Island of Oahu. How about West Oahu?
Here we are, we are only one tour company show you around Hidden west Oahu.
Discover West Oahu with Hawaii Real Nature. We are water sports specialist too. Oahu west tour takes you one of the amazing and safest snorkeling site, explore Hawaii’s amazing marine life with West Oahu tour!

We saw, Hawaiian green sea turtles-Honu, Humuhumu nukunuku apuaa-Hawaii state fish, Spotted ray, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, very rare sea turtle Hawsblill-Honuae and so many tropical fish!

Please visit our TripAdvisor reviews and our website.