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Looking for tours in Hawaii?

Oahu tours, Makaha beach
White sand beaches in Hawaii

West Oahu tour and snorkeling. We do also private tour in Oahu Hawaii. Explore Oahu Hidden coast with Hawaii Real Nature tour.

You don’t want to go with 50 other tourists, you should speak more personally with the tour guide so you can get special information from local tour guide.
Our Discover west Oahu tour is maximum people of 10. All our guests become Ohana (family) the day. Ask any questions of Hawaii your tour guide try answer your questions. (please for give us if we will not be able to answer your questions 🙂

Small group tours are always better then travel with large number of people. More personal, more care and more time! Also we have two instructors for 10 people snorkeling tour. Safety is our #1 priority. This way you will be more comfortable to enjoy West Oahu snorkeling tour.

While we are heading to west Oahu Waianae coast you will see beautiful Waianae mountain range which is oldest and highest mountain range Oahu and highest mountain in Oahu Mauna Kaala (mauna means mountain in Hawaiian), Electric beach (Kahe point), very rare Hawwaiian settlement (1500 AD) on the shore, historic Makaha valley, surfing legend Makaha beach, 150,000 years old cave, Hawaiian sacred Valley, Last beach at west coast, maintain taht sacred to Kane (Hawaiian highest god) very calm beach pokai bay and heiau the Hawaiian temple and snorkeling at Kahe point or Pokai bay.

See Oahu hidden coast! The circle island tours doesn’t take you there! Come join us to have new experience of Hawaii!

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Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii
Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

It’s about 3000 spinner dolphins migrate in Hawaii islands.
Hawaiian spinner dolphins are 1.7 to 2.2 meters, 25 to 75 kilograms.

Spinner dolphins are known for their acrobatics and aerial behaviors. A spinner dolphin comes out of the water front first and twists its body as it rises into the air. When it reaches its maximum height, the dolphin descends back into the water, landing on its side. A dolphin can make two to 5.5 spins in one leap; the swimming and rotational speed of the dolphin as it spins underwater affects the number of spins it can do while airborne.

Spinner dolphins are not really “friendly dolphin”. They usually don’t play with human, they will try to running away from you so please when you find a spinner dolphins in water do not approach them,, just wait they start approach you.
The spinner dolphins sometimes come up to you, check you out or say hello, sometimes they accept you to be in the their pod. When I am photographing spinner dolphin in Hawaii, I see the dolphins front of me then I look at my behind there are 100 dolphins surround me. It is WOW, It is amazing experience.

Photo Gallery ZERO and Hawaii Real Nature Tour have private tour goes to one of the Hawaiian spinner dolphins playground.
We do not use a boat which harass them. We are going to look for dolphins from the beaches, chances are I can say 70% but this tour is not only for the dolphins we can take you hidden west Oahu Hawaiian scared places and historical places or as much as we have time we can take you to have special Hawaii Aloha day.

Please contact us, any requests are welcome. You don’t have to swimming with 50 people, you don’t feel be ignored by tour guide. We do only small group (maximum 10 people) or private tour. Be personal, we care, we work, you enjoy!

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Hawaii Oahu Tour with Professional Underwater and Nature Photographer.

Hawaii Real Nature Tour produced by Photo Gallery ZERO
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Email; HawaiiRealNature@gmail.com

Snorkeling tour Oahu Hawaii

Oahu snorkeling tour
Oahu snorkeling tour

This is one of the my favorite fish Taape in Hawaiian it’s blueline snapper.
They are scuba diver’s favorite fish too. They usually 100-200 school like this picture. Big eyes and cute face.
At Hanauma bay blueline snapper is swimming itself. I assume they feel so safe at Hanauma bay that’s why they don’t have to have school. Also eel at Hanauma bay, they are sometimes “swimming” I mean, i have been diving in more than 15 years I haven’t seen swimming eel that much in other area. Usually the eel stays hide in the small space, sticking his only head out, looking for food or just hanging out there. Again this is also they feel so safe in Hanauma bay??

Anyway I was told by local people here in Hawaii blueline snapper can be good for sashimi. I was like REALLY? They are too cute to eat! but I want to try one day.

Blueline snapper is not indigenous fish in Hawaii. They are intentionally introduced to Hawaii from French Polynesia about 40 years ago. It has adapted quickly and successfully in Hawaii

There is also you can probably see ENDEMIC HAWAIIAN FISHES such as Hawaiian Mamo-hawaiian sergeant fish, lau wiliwili-Lemon Butterflyfish, ‘āwela-Hawaiian Xmas wrasse, kīkākapu-Bluelined Butterflyfish.

Come join our Guided snorkeling tour-discover west Oahu We will take you amazing underwater world in Hawaii.

Don’t forget you may snorkeling with sea turtles too!

West Oahu great snorkeling at Pokai bay

I cannot believe what i saw today during snorkeling with Hawaii Real Nature west Oahu tour at pokai bay west Oahu! it’s Hawksbill sea turtle which is Critically Endangered.

Hawaii turtle
Hawaii turtle

Hawaiian word, honu ʻea

This is first time I have seen in 20 years my diving history.  In Hawaii, we usually meet the Hawaiian green sea turtles. Some of them are friendly, some of them are very shy. Please, even you find friendly sea turtle don’t touch the sea turtle that is prohibited. Like what would you do or feel if while you are relaxing on the beach and bunch of stranger come up to you start touching you. Would you like that that happen? Sma as the turtle, some of them they don’t mind to be staring, some of them don’t like it so please KOKUA (respect) the wildlife. Do not bother them, do not chase them.

Hawaii turtles
Hawaii turtles

Hawksbill turtles are found throughout the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. They avoid deep waters, preferring coastlines where sponges are abundant and sandy nesting sites are within reach.

Not particularly large compared with other sea turtles, hawksbills grow up to about 45 inches (114 centimeters) in shell length and 150 pounds (68 kilograms) in weight. While young, their carapace, or upper shell, is heart-shaped, and as they mature it elongates. Their strikingly colored carapace is serrated and has overlapping scutes, or thick bony plates. Their tapered heads end in a sharp point resembling a bird’s beak, hence their name. A further distinctive feature is a pair of claws adorning each flipper. Male hawksbills have longer claws, thicker tails, and somewhat brighter coloring than females.

Like many sea turtles, hawksbills are a critically endangered species due mostly to human impact. Hawksbill eggs are still eaten around the world despite the turtle’s international protected status, and they are often killed for their flesh and their stunning shells. These graceful sea turtles are also threatened by accidental capture in fishing nets.

From National Geographic

Hawaii Real Nature-Snorkeling adventure take you to the right spot to for everyone can enjoy safely snorkeling but we are not only for water activity. We stop several Hawaiian sacred, historic places and talk about Hawaiian legend. see Hawaii Real Nature-West Oahu Tour

Oahu Hawaii tour, Discover west Oahu and snorkeling!

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii
Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Today’s crew we saw dolphins and turtle in water during snorkeling and we found ALOHA cucumber. We had so much luck at west Oahu Hawaii today.

Hawaiian green sea turtle we saw today was, maybe about 20 years old maybe less?? It is hard to tell but it was still small sea turtle. The turtle in Hawaiian call, HONU. You can see lots of Honu pictures in souvenir.

Honu is good luck in Hawaii also led to the God. The Hawaiian sea turtles are also Aumakua which is ancestor of some of the Hawaiian.

When you see the Honu, sea turtles, PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER THEM. Please give them enough space all the time. Don’t chase them PLEASE!!! Do not touch!!! There is Hawaiian state law and if you touch the turtle there is FINE too.

I mean, if when you are on the beach, group of stranger come up to you start touching you. What would you do!? Would you like it? NO right? so please don’t do wildlife too.

Respect the nature, respect the wildlife.

Our fun part is NOT only snorkeling. We discover the hidden coast west Oahu.

makaha valley
makaha valley
kaneana cave
kaneana cave

Please KOKUA when you visiting Hawaiian special place!

We are the only one tour company doing west oahu land tour with snorkeling. If you are looking for things to do in Honolulu, or waikiki. Visit our website.

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Waimea bay Oahu Hawaii

Aloha Friday!

Good weather, nice sun, and Good boy Waimea the my one year old rottweiler.

Waimea bay is very famous surfing break in Oahu.  Check the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational in Memory of Eddie Aikau. but in summer nice and calm clear water like today.

waimea bay
waimea bay with my waimea
Back side of waimea bay
Back side of waimea bay

This picture is at back side of Waimea bay, that valley is Waimea Valley. If you are tourist this place should put your to do list in Hawaii.

Waimea Valley is an area of historic cultural significance on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The valley, being an important place in Hawaiian religion, includes several historical structures including stone terraces and walls constructed during the time of the Hawaiian monarchy. Waimea Valley is a historical nature park including botanical gardens and fall.

You can swim in waimea fall but mmmmmmm you can swim in the Ocean that much better i guess. There is also creek in Waimea bay from Waimea Valley. Lots of tourist let their kids play in the creek, DO NOT DO this Please! Specially winter time, you guys visit here and there are NOT swimtable water I understand you want let your kids play in water. BUT DO NOT let them go in the creek/pond in Waimea bay. There is bad bacteria, its really bad one.

One time I let my dog swam in there then one of the lifeguard make sure if I know anything about this pond. Even dog! they are worried about it? wow my dog is fine he is swimming in that creek for last 8 months. It is a dog. But I will never let my kids (if i have) touch that water AT ALL.

Anyway yeah it is ALOHA FRIDAY enjoy your week end!

Akima the mermaid in North Shore Hawaii

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